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Popular Types of Online Gambling Games – Online gambling is currently one of the most popular betting games. This betting game uses a system on the internet and allows the players to access it from anywhere. Online gambling is a new alternative for gambling players themselves.

Games in online casino malaysia have many variations. This variation allows the players to access various games on one platform only. Players can also choose a variety of these games in one ID number.

The existence of online gambling, of course, is also part of technological progress. Technology is a driving force for changes that occur in the body of gambling itself. Gambling is also a game that quickly adapts to changes, so its development is also rapid.

Behind the rapid development of technology in online gambling, there are several kinds of games that are popular and most played by various groups. What are these games?

Online Poker

Online Poker

Poker is a type of card game that is played by at least two people. This game requires skill and strategy to win it. So don’t be surprised if this game is the most challenging among other gambling games.
Online poker is currently one of the most popular online gambling games.

Almost all trusted online casino malaysia sites offer this game as the main game. The prizes offered are also usually varied and attractive, so that the demand for them remains high. What is the history of the emergence of the game of poker itself?

The Beginning of the Emergence of Poker

Poker is one type of card game that is quite old. This game has been known by many generations. Some historical records show that poker was first played in China. At that time, the people there liked to play card games as entertainment.

The form of the card game that was circulating at that time only used simple cards and was played with simple techniques. Apart from the community, poker was also played by the royals. They play this game as a form of filling time and entertainment.

The spread of this game can then take place quickly. This of course relates to the trading activities carried out by Chinese merchants. At that time, Chinese trade to various countries was so widespread that it became a medium for spreading this culture.

Indirectly, this game then circulated quickly to various regions, including Indonesia. The game of poker was then much in demand by various groups and received various updates.

Currently, the game of poker has been played by many people. The most players of this poker are in the United States. There the number of poker players reaches thousands so it is not surprising that the casino is always crowded.

Live Casino Games

Live casinos basically have similarities with regular casinos. Players can play this game just like in a regular casino. What distinguishes the game at the casino from the live casino is the media of the game.

Conventional or land-based casinos require players to come directly to the casino. While in a live casino, players can play all games on a gadget screen that can be accessed anywhere. This type is much preferred because it also displays live sessions conducted by the bookie.

In live casino games, there are several games that are offered. This game is the same as playing in a casino. Some of these types of games include:


This game can be played easily. Players can play it with a ball that is rotated on a turning plate, bets that can be selected are numbers and patterns. This type of game is one of the most popular in the casino world because it has a profit of up to 36 times the capital that we put up, a fantastic advantage.

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This game can be played by anyone, even beginners. This is because gambling players only need to spin in a plate or bowl without a strategy. Players don’t need to use special skills like card games


This game is a type of card game that is easy to play. With a total of 52 cards, players can set their strategy. Although almost similar to the game of poker, baccarat is different from poker, you know. There are some interesting facts behind this baccarat game. anything?

This game was first introduced in France in the 15th century, but other evidence suggests that this game was initiated in Italy with tarot cards. This game became increasingly popular after Marcopolo returned from his expedition around the world and acquired the knowledge of card games. The game has received several modifications to make it easier to play.

Another fact that reveals the uniqueness of this baccarat is that this game was once identified with a ritual in Roman times. At that time, a card with a total value of 9 became the determinant of a woman’s fate.

In addition, this game is also known as the game of nobility because it was once played by French nobles. At that time, they played baccarat and suffered a lot of losses. As a result, the French government had time to stop all gambling operations there.

Did you know that the term Baccarat means zero in Italian. This is the worst possible in the game or is said to be the lowest score.


Blackjack is a type of card betting game that is played by a maximum of 7 people, 6 people as players and 1 person acting as a dealer. Usually the shape of the table used is in the form of an arc to make it easier for the players.

In the game of blackjack, players will be given the opportunity to place bets on the number board. A number board containing a record of the number of bets is matched at one end of the table to show the minimum and maximum bet amounts. This board is open and can be seen by anyone. On the board, if it says US$ 20 – US$ 1,000 it means that the minimum bet is US$ 20 and the maximum is US$ 1,000.

The player can double the bet value if the dealer says the pair of cards with the highest value is obtained by the player during the game.

Most of these blackjack games use one table and more than a single deck. The game of blackjack can use sets of 2, 4, 6, or 8 decks. This number of cards will then be shuffled and stored by the dealer in a container. This container is known as a shoe.

The game will then start when the player places chips into the bet. This chip is used as a substitute for real money and becomes the betting currency in the casino. Before starting, players are prohibited from touching cards and only the dealer may touch these cards.

Sic Bo

This game is a type of gambling game using dice. The tool used for this game is 3 dice. There are several options that can be played depending on the value of the dice itself. How is the value determined in the roll of the dice?

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The value of the throw indicated in the roll of the first dice has several conditions. This provision is the benchmark used by players in determining the high or low value. Here are the conditions:

If the roll comes out, then the dice has a value of 7 or 11, here bets can pass wins and don’t pass bets lose. So that the next throw can be a new come out throw in a new round of play.

If the dice roll is declared come out, meaning that it has a value of 2, 3, or a total of 12, then here the bet can be called a losing pass. Don’t pass bet wins if the result is 2 or 3, but is returned to the player without getting any winnings if the result is 12.

If the result of the first throw is not a number other than the above, then the value of this dice becomes a ‘point/benchmark’ which will win when it appears in the next round. After that, the round will continue.
In sic bo gambling, the player who acts as a thrower must throw the dice with only one hand. In addition, they also make sure these dice touch the wall that is in the far position so that the count is valid.

If any dice fall, then the thrower can decide to use the dice offered by the stick holder or shuffle it again.

How to Play and Count Sic Bo

How to count points in this game can be determined at the beginning of the game. Place bets to earn points. These bets such as service, pass, don’t pass, and odds can be determined before the thrower rolls the dice.

In addition, there is still a way to determine the winner while playing dice gambling. The other two bets are come and don’t come. This type of bet is indeed somewhat different from the four types mentioned above.

The come bet type means that this method bets on the thrower of the dice who is likely to make a 7 or 11 on the first roll. In addition, it can also produce the desired points before the number 7.
Next up is don’t come. This method bets on the roll of the dice that will not result in a 7 or 11 on the first spin. It also produces numbers other than the desired points before 7.

Popular Online Slot Games

Another game in the world of online gambling that is quite popular is online slots. This game is a development of the slot machines that are often found in casinos and gambling houses. This game is quite interesting because it is a collaboration of slot games and video games themselves.

The emergence of online slot e wallet is considered a progress, at the beginning of its appearance, online slots were not widely known by many parties. Access, which at that time was still limited, made the name of online slots still foreign to some people.

As technology develops, various sophisticated gadgets can be easily reached. So that this game is widely played and distributed in various online gambling sites. The software used in this game has also made more significant progress. Players are more free to choose the games provided. There are several types of slot online e wallet. These types include classic, multi pay line, progressive, video game, and five line. Each type has a different character so that it can be played according to their respective tastes.


This type of online gambling game presents games that refer to sports matches. These types of games provide a unique playing experience because they are also broadcast live from certain sports.
The development of this type of gambling originally came from betting that was usually done on the sports field. To create efficiency, the site provider makes this game service so that it can be accessed by many people in the world without the need to come to the field. What are the types of betting games in sportsbook gambling?

  • Football and basketball
    The football and basketball matches presented in this sportsbook have many variations as well. Here players can choose the type of match from local level to international club.
    In addition, this game is of course more real time because it refers to a real match on the field.
  • Moto GP
    The Moto GP competition is one of the most popular games for sports lovers in the automotive world. Moto GP is one of the most prestigious sports broadcasts among other broadcasts. So do not be surprised if this sport is a betting event in online gambling.
  • Esports
    The name of esports has recently become a trending topic in several places. This is in accordance with the trend of esports games that are increasingly prevalent among young people. Esports has become a world-class competition event that has many fans.
    Here, the esports game itself has many variations to choose from. One of the most famous types of esports is Dota 2, CS GO, Mobile legend, and others.
    The owner of a gambling site, of course, does not want to lose this opportunity because it can be an opportunity in providing betting games.
  • Golf
    In some countries, the game of golf is in great demand and is one of the most prestigious sports. This game is mostly played by high-ranking officials and high-class sports players.
    However, this sport is also often included in the sportsbook gambling branch. Players can place bets on who will win in this match. Unfortunately, this type of gambling is not widely played in Indonesia because the game of golf itself is still foreign to the majority of people
  • Horse racing
    This sportsbook gambling branch is a type of counter bet that is widely played in several countries, such as Singapore. Here, players can determine which horse will win first. This type is very popular because horse racing in some areas is still widely played.
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Several sites that provide esports gambling facilities are also increasingly in demand among gamblers. This is because in accordance with market demand, which is increasingly interested in the world of esports.


The next game that is popular in the world of online gambling is lottery. Online lottery can be accessed through sites that are widely circulated on the internet. If in the past players had to come to the city and fill out lottery paper, this time players can access it from anywhere.

This convenience is the superior value in the lottery game. The most popular types of online lottery today are the Hong Kong (HK) and Singapore (SGP) lottery types. Both are quite well known in the world of gambling in the community.

The lottery game model itself has several variations. This variation is part of the difficulty level of the lottery game. There are 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit types. The odds of winning from all three are different, as are the prizes offered here.

Those were the types of online gambling games that were most widely played and popular among gambling players. With these various variations, of course, making online gambling games more sophisticated and not out of date. Which one appeals to you the most?